Seth Meyers on Why Trump Fears Robert Mueller’s Congressional Testimony

  • by Yahoo News - Top Stories , Jun 06, 2019
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Seth Meyers on Why Trump Fears Robert Mueller’s Congressional TestimonyNBCDuring his latest “A Closer Look” segment Monday night, Seth Meyers expressed disbelief that President Donald Trump decided to have a friendly, hour-long phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin this past week in the midst of an “unprecedented stand-off with Congress” over his administration’s handling of the Mueller Report. But the Late Night host was equally concerned with Trump’s revelation that Putin “sort of smiled” when he agreed with the president that there was “no collusion.” “How did you know he was smiling?” Meyers asked Trump. “Did you try to call him and accidentally hit the FaceTime button, grandpa?” “Now, given that Trump and his Attorney General William Barr have repeatedly lied about the Mueller Report, Democrats in the House have asked for Mueller himself to come testify,” the host added. “So naturally, Trump freaked out on Twitter.” After quoting the Sunday afternoon tweets in which the president wondered aloud if Democrats are “looking for a redo because they hated seeing the strong NO COLLUSION conclusion,” Meyers first mocked Trump for somehow seeming “100 years old and seven years old at the same time.” “Second, I thought you said Mueller exonerated you, why don’t you want him to testify?” he said, adding, as Trump, “‘I’m afraid he’ll make me look too innocent. I have to maintain some of my criminal mystique.’” Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here




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